Bronze Support Plan

Bronze Support Plan

Bronze care provides unlimited access to Medweb’s online and telephone support specialists during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM, PST). It also includes a notification service, which automatically informs you when your license or support plan is due for renewal. Bronze support for Medweb servers covers Dell R200, R500 and R700 servers and includes advance replacement to CONUS (Continental United States) addresses. or You handle forwarding of equipment OSITE and note that shipping charges may apply. You are required to return the damaged/replaced equipment at their cost in the packaging provided with the replacement unit within 30 days. If the damaged/replaced equipment is not returned to Medweb within 30 days, then a surcharge of $1000 will apply. If the equipment is not returned to Medweb within 60 days, then You will be charged for the replacement unit at standard rates and pricing. No additional advance replacement units will be shipped to You until the payment is received. Advance replacement does not apply to RAID or CD Publishing units and related PC’s. Regular PC workstations are covered directly by Dell or their appropriate manufacturer. Advance replacement of larger units (LX50, V60, V240, etc) will be sent within 5 business days from notice of failure. The Bronze agreement for these units is at a higher rate/ year. Remote Configuration Support is provided under this plan via telephone and Internet. You MUST PROVIDE INTERNET ACCESS to servers for remote support. This support specifically excludes server reconfiguration due to changes in Your network architecture, user access control lists, or DICOM modality or PACS configuration or replacement. It also specifically excludes HL7 interface changes or reconfiguration, internal firewall or VPN reconfiguration of the Medweb server. It does include 2 hours of concurrent telephone/ Internet support for initial installation of the Medweb server. This support is calculated in a minimum block of 60 minutes. Software support under Bronze care includes unlimited telephone and internet support for new users that need assistance downloading and installing the Medweb plug-in on their PC or laptop. The Service window for Bronze service is 4 hours for response from Medweb for a particular ticket during normal business hours as outlined above. Bronze support includes access to all minor software updates and bug fixes. However, retrieving and installing these upgrades and fixes is the responsibility of the user/ administrator of the server. Medweb is not responsible for routine maintenance or updates of the server. It is the responsibility of You to monitor the performance of their Medweb system and report problems to Medweb technical support within 24 hours of noticing a problem. This is especially relevant for systems that may be operating raid storage arrays, SANS, or other mass storage devices.

RAIDS and Disk Publishers.

It is Your responsibility to monitor the performance of their Medweb system and report problems to Medweb technical support within 24 hours of noticing a problem. This is especially relevant for systems that may be operating RAID storage arrays, SANS, or other mass storage devices as well as CD or DVD publishers and jukeboxes. The system administrator is responsible for monitoring the mass storage devices and to report failures to Medweb within 24 hours so that appropriate preventive maintenance and repair can be performed. Failure to notify Medweb in a timely manner risks loss of patient data.

Replacing Failed Disks.

RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) arrays performance will vary based on operating conditions, power conditions and frequency that the unit is powered up and down. In the event of a disk failure, the following procedure should be followed. When You identify a disk as faulty it is the responsibility of You to return the disk to Medweb properly packaged and insured to prevent further damage. Medweb will repair or replace the bad disk within 5 business days and ship via FedEx or express mail to CONUS addresses. Once the disk is received, You should re-install the disk and contact Medweb so that Medweb engineers can remotely log in and rebuild the RAID to prevent data loss. Depending on the size of the RAID, Medweb may identify and request that additional disks be sent back for repair. If a disk is received with further damage from inadequate packaging, then Medweb will request customer purchase a new disk outside of service or warranty terms.

Power Supplies.

It is Your responsibility to return defective power supplies to Medweb. Medweb will repair or replace the power supply within 5 business days and send it back via express mail to CONUS locations.

CD Publishing.

It is Your responsibility to return the malfunctioning PC to Medweb at Your cost. Medweb will repair or replace the PC within 5 business days and send it back via Express mail to CONUS locations.

Disk Publisher Software.

Medweb CD Disk publishing software is downloaded and installed on a regular Windows PC. The Software relies on that PC being dedicated to the Medweb application. If the PC was purchased from Medweb, then Medweb will handle all hardware and software repairs for the PC and Medweb software. Customer should send the PC into Medweb and we will repair, replace, or re-install the Medweb software as required and return the PC to CONUS addresses. If the PC was not purchased from Medweb, then You must send the PC to the appropriate vendor (Dell) and have the PC repaired and Operating system, etc re-installed. Once re-installed, Medweb will instruct You on how to download and re-install the Medweb disk publisher software onto the PC.

Disk Publisher Hardware.

This refers to the robotic mechanism that is employed in some versions of Medweb CD/DVD disk publishers.
If the robotic mechanism, printer, or CD writer fails, we will repair or replace it at the next scheduled visit that our applications team will be at the site. In the case of sites where no visit is planned in the near future, Medweb will instruct You to package the Publisher in the original shipping package, making sure to insert the shipping screw that locks the robotic mechanism, and send it to the manufacturer or Medweb for repair. Typical turn-around time for this type of repair is 1 week. Medweb will arrange return shipping to You to all CONUS locations