Gold Support Plan

The Gold Plan includes the entire Bronze and Silver Plan with additional services added. Critical Support issues have a targeted response time of 120 minutes 24/7 and will take priority over Silver and Bronze support tickets. In the event of a hardware failure, Medweb will priority ship a replacement unit to you, allowing you to keep system down time to an absolute minimum. Warm failover systems will be remotely monitored by Medweb so that the moment a failure of any sort occurs, Medweb’s NOC (network operations center) will take corrective action.

Assistance with New installation, configuration, and routine adds, deletes, and changes are included as a standard part of the Gold Support Plan and include up to 100 hours per year of remote technical assistance, and/or routine monthly maintenance of your server including Medweb management of your server for security updates, RAID maintenance, and user administration. This specifically does not include maintenance of RAIDS, SANS, or other mass storage devices that were not purchased from Medweb, or are used for other purposes aside from providing storage for Medweb servers. This support specifically excludes server reconfiguration due to changes in Your network architecture, user access control lists, or DICOM modality or PACS configuration or replacement. It also specifically excludes HL7 interface changes or reconfiguration, internal firewall or VPN reconfiguration of the Medweb server.

As with other plans, new installation assistance must be scheduled in advance, however, only 24 hours advance notice is required. New installations can be scheduled during weekdays at any time from 7AM to 10 PM PST. Advanced network design, documentation, and maintenance of network design records is also included as part of the Gold Plan. This includes creating a VISIO design of your local network architecture with appropriate IP addresses, AE titles, port numbers, and routing for all devices that communicate with the Medweb server. A copy of this design will be kept as part of the Medweb support database and will be updated as changes and edits occur within your network. This network design will only include local devices. Remote network devices will be displayed as a list external to the local network gateway.
This level of service is ideal for Mission critical servers, which require a Medweb ADVANCED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Certification, and for sites that do not have an on-site administrator and would like Medweb to provide regular remote maintenance and monitoring of their server.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Licenses and Support
All software licenses and support plans have a One-year contract term and are renewed annually.

Annual Software Licenses.
All Medweb servers require annual software licensing. Software licenses are based on the number and type of users who access the Medweb server. Certain organizations have unlimited user licenses per server and should consult their purchase agreement for specific licensing terms. If no maintenance and support plan is purchased, there is still a minimum annual software license fee that will be assessed.

Pre-requisite for Validation of Installation and Support.
An authorized Medweb representative must confirm all hardware design requirements. Site preparation, including wiring, heating, and ventilation, Internet access, etc. is Your responsibility.

Site Readiness Requirements.
The following general requirements must be completed prior to scheduling an installation. The conditions will ensure the best possible environment for the installation, and protection of computers, electronics, and workstations. Pease note that if these conditions are not met at the time of delivery, the Medweb Project Manager will postpone the installation date until such time as we are notified that they have been met. In the event that we arrive and a site is not ready, You will pay an additional installation fee to reschedule the Medweb team for a repeat visit.

• All necessary approvals, permitting, shielding, reviews, required by either state, or local governing agencies will be Your responsibility.

• Power available at the designated power cabinet with phase rotation checked (Where three phase power is specified). Minimum is 20 amps 110 volts AC or 15 amps 220V AC on a dedicated circuit with generator backup if available.

• Walls to be sanded and primed, floor covering installed, ceiling completed. Doors hung with finish applied and proper locking rack, or computer cabinet for the Medweb servers, and associated equipment.

• All cable trays, conduits, and raceways correctly sized and installed according to the provided installation drawings. All lighting installed and functioning at the time of delivery.

• All Ethernet cabling and Ethernet switch installed and functioning with a minimum of 4 Ethernet jacks available adjacent to the Medweb server stack location, and additional jacks by each modality that is to be connected to the Medweb server.

• Room and immediate vicinity to be dust free, and remain so during the installation.

• Your supplied DICOM modalities, network printers, PC workstations, and Internet connections, routers, and switches to be installed and operational prior to installation of Medweb servers.

• Medweb servers and equipment to have been delivered by You from receiving location to the room where it will be installed.

• Means to dispose of packing materials, crating, etc. shall be provided.

Dedicated VPN access to Medweb GLOBAL SERVICE NODE (San Francisco is mandatory prior to installation and for all products capable or remote diagnostics. It is Your responsibility both physically and financially to install or have installed and maintain such access. You understand that such access is secured by means of login ID’s and passwords and that all Medweb personnel with such access have signed a letter of HIPAA compliance ensuring patient confidentiality.

You must supply Medweb 60 days in advance with a completed site survey form that includes the network architecture with planned IP addresses assigned to Medweb, and all the IP addresses and notation of firewalls, VPN, and IDS systems that will provide the link between the Medweb system and other DICOM devices, the DICOM conformance statements and software revisions for any devices that will be attached to the Medweb server, and the demonstration of physical, power and network readiness of the site before we will schedule an install.

This document must be signed off by the CTO or PM for the appropriate project management office and sent to Medweb before we can schedule a site install.

Pre-Install Kick Off conference and Reseller Burn in.
Once the site survey is received, Medweb will schedule a kick-off conference call with the site, the appropriate program office, and the Medweb project engineer to go over the document and schedule the installation.

Repair Service, Due to Equipment Malfunction, as required.
Includes the cost of our replacement parts as required on an exchange (refurbished) or new part basis. Labor to install our replacement parts is included. If provided under the terms of this Agreement, replaced parts become our property and will be promptly removed by us from the Equipment Site. Unless otherwise specified in the Service Coverage Section, the cost of CD Publisher rollers, brushes, ink, ribbons, and robotics, and evacuated devices such as X-ray tubes, image intensifier tubes, TV camera pick-up tubes, photo multiplier tubes, and CRTs is excluded. If provided under the terms of this Agreement, replaced CD Publisher parts and evacuated devices become our property and will be promptly removed by us from the Equipment site.
Subject to the availability of personnel, we will provide, at your request and additional expense, service outside the Service Coverage hours chosen by you. The charge for service rendered during this time will be our standard overtime rate then in effect for service contract customers with this type of Equipment, including round trip travel time. You will be charged a minimum of two hours per call for CONUS and Western Europe. Other travel expenses and overnight living expenses will be charged at actual cost in accordance with out standards for business expense reimbursement of our employees.

Your Responsibilities.
During the Term of this Agreement, You will do the following:

• Maintain the Equipment Site and environment (including temperature and humidity control, incoming power quality, and fire protection system) in a condition suitable for operation of the Equipment.

• Maintain the equipment in a secured computer room that is locked as required by HIPAA and DITSCAP regulations if the equipment is a Medweb server/ RAID, or archive device.

• Maintain the equipment in a supervised X-ray file room if the equipment is a CD publisher or other publishing device. This room should be locked when the person specifically responsible for the equipment is not present to oversee its operation.

• Operate the Equipment in accordance with the Medweb administrator’s guide or operating manual including CR cleaning and maintenance procedures, or Workstation display calibration procedures.

• Make normal operator adjustments to the Equipment as specified in the Operator’s Guide.

• Make the Equipment available without restriction for service in accordance with a mutually acceptable service appointment schedule.

• Promptly pay the Agreement Price as set forth above for the Term of this Agreement.


This Agreement does not cover the following:
Any service or parts specifically described as excluded in the Other Options/Amendments Section of this Agreement. The provision, payment or reimbursement of any rigging, facility or structural cost, or accessory or supply item incident to the provision of Service under this Agreement.
The cleaning or decontamination of the Equipment after contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials, or any Service whatsoever if the Equipment Site or Equipment is so contaminated.
Any service caused by (1) a design, specification or instruction provided by you or your representative; (2) your failure to fulfill your responsibilities under this Agreement; (3) the failure of anyone other than us or our service contractor to comply with our written instructions or recommendations; (4) your combining the Equipment with a product of others or with an incompatible product of ours; (5) any alteration or improper storage, handling, use or maintenance of any part of the Equipment by anyone other than us or our service contractor; (6) anything external to the Equipment, including building, van or trailer, structural deficiency, power surge, fluctuation or failure and air conditioning failure; (7) mis-configuration or Misuse of the equipment in any way that bypasses or mitigates the security functions of the equipment, or otherwise is contrary to the configuration design as outlined in the security administrators guide for Medweb servers. (8) vandalism, accident, lightning, earthquake, fire, smoke or water damage to the Equipment; (9) any removal or relation of the Equipment; and (10) anything beyond our reasonable control.

he cost of materials, supplies, parts or labor supplied by any other party.

The cost of consumable materials such as cushions, knee supports, pads, magnetic media, printer ribbons, printer cartridges, brushes, cables, (unless included in Equipment Options), film or other supply items, operator or application training or other instruction in the use of the Equipment, unless otherwise specified in the Service Coverage Section.

The cost of factory reconditioning when, in our opinion, it is necessary to have the Equipment or any component of the Equipment rebuilt at the factory because repair or parts replacement by us within the Equipment Site cannot maintain it in satisfactory operating condition.
Any inspection, notification, repair, replacement or other service related to the failure of the Equipment to recognize or accurately and effectively process data and information relating to dates, nor for any delay of error in operation arising as a consequence of the Equipment failing to respond to recognize or process two-digit year data and information. We do not warrant that the services to be provided under this Agreement will prevent or limit any such failure; delay or error and no such warranty shall be implied into this Agreement.

cope of Support and Maintenance Agreement.
Support plan service with the exception of specific hourly limits outlined In each plan for routine maintenance is limited to requests made to alleviate issues with non-functional, degraded, or partially impaired Medweb systems. Hourly rates will apply when the root cause of a reported system malfunction is the result of incorrect network configuration, third-party component upgrades or mis-configuration, or other local changes that are ultimately unrelated to the performance or the capabilities of the Medweb equipment. Hourly rated will also apply is the cause of the failure is due to incorrectly sized, non-functional, or non-existent UPS, voltage variations, poorly ventilated or cooled space for the server, or other abuse and mishandling. Service will also be billed hourly if usage volumes have outstripped the suggested volume requirements for the particular server, and the server has not been resized, or replaced to accommodate the additional traffic.
Medweb reserves the right to alter the terms of its support plans without prior written notice.

Excusable Delays. We are not liable for delays in performance due to any cause beyond our reasonable control. These causes include, without limitation, any delay of sources to supply materials and equipment, government priorities, labor or transportation problems and the Site and/or Equipment being contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious material.

Proprietary Service Materials. In connection with the installation, configuration, maintenance, repair and/or de-installation of the Equipment, we might deliver to the Equipment Site, along with the Equipment or separately, and store at the Equipment Site, attach to or install on the Equipment, and use certain proprietary service materials which have not been purchased by or licensed to you. You hereby consent to this delivery, storage, attachment, installation and use, and to the presence of our locked cabinet or box in the Equipment Site for storage of this property, and to our removal of all or any part of this property at any time, all without charge to us. The presence of this property within the Equipment Site will not vie you any right or title to this property or any license or other right to access, use or decompile this property. Any access to or use of this property and any de-compilation of this property by anyone other than out personnel is prohibited. You agree that you will use all reasonable efforts to protect this property against damages or loss and to prevent any access to or use or de-compilation of this property contrary to this prohibition. You also agree to immediately report to us any violation of this provision known by you.