RIS/PACS & Teleradiology

Medweb's web based RIS/PACS offers improved scheduling and workflow solutions including online eligibility-confirmation tools to enable faster patient registration and revenue reimbursement.

This seamlessly integrated, single database RIS/PACS solution with diagnostic tools, reporting, storage, and direct HL7 messaging engine provides a complete and simple to use turnkey solution with:

  • RIS/PACS single server/database solution
  • Integrated 3D/4D Web-based viewer
  • Multi-modality viewer including digital mammography and echo cardiograms
  • Advanced security and image routing
  • Patented medical image distribution with integrated tools in a Web browser

While other vendors claim a Web-based product, their tools require you to download hundreds of megabytes to make them work. The Medweb Viewer is the thinnest and lightest available. It downloads in a few seconds, and is then available continuously. Other viewers require downloading each time you start your browser.

Download the Radiology brochure

  • Real time 3D rendering tools provide the opportunity to effortlessly switch between 2D, 3D, and 4D
  • Anywhere, anytime access for administrators, technologists, schedulers and medical transcriptionists
  • Secure Remote Interpretation and Diagnostic Review for radiologists, referring MDs, and peer review
  • Seamless reporting engine for e-mailing preliminary or signed reports in HTML, PDF or plain text
  • Sophisticated HL7 engine and interface is included with every Medweb server
  • Fully Integrated Dictation, Voice Recognition, and Templating
  • Burn patient studies to DVD, CD or USB key
  • Control Worklists Based on User Login


  • Patient contact and identification information is imported into the RIS by swiping a driver’s license
  • View worklists for appointment confirmation, arrival status, escort to modality, exam status, order information, exam review, report review and billing status
  • Real time insurance verification and validation is visible at registration by click of single button