Medweb Introduces Browser Neutral Enterprise Viewer E-visit & Collaborative Web Radiology Viewer

San Francisco, CA – November 30th 2014 – At the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Medweb will highlight the new Browser neutral viewer for enterprise applications. The Medweb insta-viewer provides distributed access to all DICOM imaging with 2D and 3D interactive capabilities, while working on all major browsers. The viewer supports, ECG, and general telemedicine devices for data capture and upload, as well as display in addition to conventional radiology devices.

Medweb will also demonstrate its E-visit consultation engine that allows easy and fast video consultations between patients and physicians, with call routing and EMR/PACS integration.

Medweb’s Collaborative Web Radiology Viewer allows a radiologist to invite a referring doc to a live video consult and discuss reports via a shared viewer via web a conventional web browser.

Medweb will demonstrate these solutions and others in RSNA booth #5718 November 30 to December 4 in Chicago.

Integrating Medweb RIS/PACS with Collaborative viewer tools combines teleradiology with one-click live consultation. E-visit enables real-time clinical collaboration, simultaneously conducting video or audio consults with streaming high-resolution patient data such as EKG, ultrasound, physical exam video, vitals or DICOM images.

The Medweb Viewer is the thinnest and lightest available. At just 5 megabytes, it downloads in a few seconds and is then available for continuous use.

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