Cloud Solutions

Imaging in the safety of the cloud

After fifteen years of successfully developing and integrating healthcare IT solutions, Medweb is bringing the on-demand software model to your desktop, in a single login environment. Based on your specific needs, you can turn on new functionality over the Internet immediately. You can pick and choose from a robust menu that includes fully integrated PACS, RIS, Teleradiology, Dictation/Transcription, EMR and Practice Management.

Medweb’s cloud solution offers a cloud-hosted imaging and data repository that enables fast, secure, and unlimited storage for radiologists, referring physicians, and specialists. All the innovative solutions that Medweb offers are provided in the safety of the cloud.

  • IHE-compliant, vendor-neutral archive built on cloud storage
  • Access exams when and where you need it, improving workflow and reducing costs
  • Makes publishing and transferring images by CD obsolete
  • Import, share, and archive existing and new studies
  • Two copies of every exam is stored for redundancy

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By hosting services offsite, you capitalize on the shared resources of "cloud computing" where we can provide extremely reliable service, gigabit Internet access to your server, as well as much lower costs since you are able to share the cost of expensive digital archives and processing power with other customers, while benefiting from guaranteed performance.

  • Medweb Cloud Hosted Platform
  • Software-Based DICOM Archive
  • HIPAA Compliant Integrated VPN Engine
  • Firewall Bypass Via HTTP
  • DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Automated DICOM Header Remapping
  • Facility Identifier HL7-Compliant Report Receiver and Database
  • Page Scanner Interface
  • HL7 Interface to EHR/EMR
  • Scriptable Routing
  • Optional Off-site Archiving
  • Web-Portal Access