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Telehealth is here to stay. In some healthcare areas such as radiology, virtual care has become commonplace, but in dermatology, providing quality care remotely can be challenging. Today, with the pandemic, it has become necessary to combine synchronous and asynchronous approaches into a comprehensive telecare plan. Getting it right can provide a substantial improvement in the quality of care and in the reduction of cost of healthcare services.

  • Patients can access distant specialty providers, receive care in the location most convenient to them, and receive care faster

  • Dermatologists can provide better, faster care to more patients and in a more secure way, while optimizing their internal operations and record-keeping

Our team at Medweb has decades of experience in telehealth. Whether you are a part of a large healthcare system or a small dermatology office, we would love to share our expertise on how to transform your dermatology practice with an effective approach to teledermatology. If you would like more information, let us share our ideas!

There are many ways to set up Teledermatology

Here are two examples:

Case study 1: PCP referral to dermatologist

Patient connects to PCP on live call

PCP takes photo of derm issue

PCP sends photo to dermatologist

Derm reviews photo and responds to PCP

PCP has video chat with patient to discuss results

Case study 2: Dermatologist's visit with patient using full telecare suite

Patient connects to dermatologist on live call

Dermatologist takes photo of derm issue

Images and visit notes sent to EMR for storage

Dermatologist performs in-depth review of derm issue

Dermatologist has followup video visit with patient

The Medweb Teledermatology Suite

At Medweb, we have developed the technology that allows all stakeholders to collaborate as a team. Primary care providers, specialists, ancillary staff, patients, and family caregivers can work together to meet the needs of a specific patient, regardless of their location. Our technology has supported a wide variety of needs, from warfighters in remote battlefields, to passengers on ships in the middle of the ocean, to public health systems.

Medweb’s virtual care platform combines both video calls (synchronous) and store-and-forward (asynchronous) modes of telemedicine.

Medweb SmartConsult

Asynchronous telemedicine: store-and-forward

Medweb SmartConsult supports store-and-forward telemedicine and interoperability with electronic health records, RIS/PACS, scheduling, billing, authentication, and other enterprise and clinical information systems.

With Medweb SmartConsult, physicians can:

  • Enable referring providers to submit cases for consultation remotely

  • Provide care to more patients, faster

  • Identify and prioritize urgent cases

  • Route consultation requests across the care team

  • Retrieve reports via their smartphone with the Mobile MedConsult companion

  • Rest assured with military-grade security


For over seven years, Medweb SmartConsult has been the platform of choice for many successful teledermatology programs.

Medweb Live

Synchronous telemedicine: direct-to-patient

real-time virtual visit

Medweb Live is an interactive telemedicine app that supports direct-to-patient telemedicine and provider-to-provider collaboration through audio/video teleconferencing, high-resolution image capture, and screen sharing.

With Medweb Live, physicians can:

  • Enable access to care for remote patients

  • Leverage high-resolution imaging for better diagnostics

  • Provider-directed image capture to ensure quality images

  • Image archiving and integration with EMR

  • Rest assured with military-grade security

While Medweb Live is due to launch in early 2021, it is currently in private preview. If you would like to be one of the first to try it, please join our Early Access Program or sign up for Launch Updates.

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