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Virtual Care at Your Fingertips

Virtual Health. Deployed. Secure. Interoperable.


Since 1989, we have provided reliable, secure, and competitive solutions. Medweb offers flexible powerful turnkey products to the medical community, with a focus on workflow and diagnostic tools. Clinical innovation has been the driving force behind Medweb’s dynamic suite of integrated clinical imaging software products.

The Medweb solution provides comprehensive Web-based consult creation and management tools. Including report creation, online collaboration, scheduling, and statistics. Leverage our platform to customize your solution set from video visits to HIPAA compliant image review and reporting.

Store-Forward Case Management
Patient Portal 
Quick, simple, website integration
Medweb LIVE
Video Visits with Scheduling

HIPAA Secure Messaging and Mobile reporting using iPads or iPhones to securely submit consults from any iOS device on the go.

Streamline access to video visits, patient information, medical images, and scheduling from a standard interface.

Live interactive encounters, including device streaming  and biomedical monitoring peripherals for remote physical examination.

Medweb LIVE

Interactive HIPAA compliant video encounters, including diagnostic device streaming:

       examination scopes

       ultrasound probes



       pulse oximeter      

       pan-zoom-tilt cameras

Medweb LIVE integrates with electronic health record, RIS/PACS systems, and other enterprise information systems documenting data, observations, and notes collected during interactive encounters. 


Medweb MedConsult allows physicians to take their practice mobile; using iPads or iPhones to securely submit consults directly to the cloud.


Referring providers can consult with specialists from any iOS device on the go. Intuitive telemedicine templates guide you through the entire consult.

Case information can be conveniently dictated or typed in, and patient images are captured directly from the referring provider’s iOS device. 


      Image capture and storage

      Diagnostic quality imaging
      View and dictate reports 
      iPhone, iPad, Windows


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