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About Us

Battle Tested, Medweb Saves Lives.

Started by a physician 30 years ago, Medweb is a technology leader in the delivery of web-enabled, secure telemedicine, teleradiology and RIS/PACS solutions with over 1,000 installations worldwide. Having a number of installations throughout the military, Medweb is "battle tested" - our products are required to be stable, fast, reliable, secure, flexible - and able to work in sub-optimal conditions, such as locations with intermittent power and communications. This has also led to several projects in the developing world, including installation of distributed telemedicine platforms and Tele-Clinics™ on the world's most remote inhabited island of Tristan da Cunha, and in Malaysia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Medweb's platforms facilitate electronic acquisition, viewing, communication/transmission, publishing, and storage of medical data captured by numerous modalities and devices, and associated with a variety of medical subspecialties including radiology, orthopedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, stroke evaluation, dentistry, and general exams; as well as workflow management. Our solutions can be easily integrated with existing HIS and RIS systems, and meet U.S. standards for HIPAA compliance. Medweb's Tele-Clinic™ also offers the flexibility of a medical clinic that can be run from a laptop computer.

In addition to Medweb's core offerings in teleradiology and telemedicine, Medweb also offers additional services and support through consulting expertise and practical applications in emergency management, to include disaster response; public health; school/school district-based preparedness; satellite communications; and alternate/renewable power solutions, such as solar.

Medweb owns several major patents in the area of medical informatics, medical imaging, and telemedicine. Holder of a major patent for web-based medical image viewing, Medweb's commitment to innovation, creativity and total client satisfaction, means we are continuously looking for ways to add value and meaningful services that can make a difference for our clients and our communities.

Reliability, security, quality and affordability are just a few of the reasons Medweb is the industry standard for distributed telemedicine and teleradiology solutions.

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