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Medweb Philanthropy

Medweb Saves Lives.


Kosovo (2016)
Medweb partners with Rotary to bring telemedicine into rural Kosovo to address a strong need for speciality consultations.
Telemedicine for Rural Health Clinics

Afghanistan (2009)
Medweb, in conjunction with the Synergy Strike Force and the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club (San Diego-Jalalabad Sister City Program) has taken two trips to Afghanistan, funded 100% by Medweb, The primary purpose of the trips has been to provide 1) an Assessment Team including pre-/post-trip reports, 2) provide equipment, training and support for a Medweb Deployable Telemedicine Clinic (Medweb Server, laptop, and portable ultrasound); 3) support the Pens for Peace through Project Management and Logistical Support, and 4) provide satellite communications to augment communications at the “Fab Lab” (located at the Taj Jalalabad – and converted to a Telemedicine Center in November 2009).

Pakistan (2008)
The U.S. Department of State (funded by the U.S. Department of Defense) is seeking to improve healthcare, education and public services in Pakistan to provide non-military stabilization support and to demonstrate a solid U.S.-Pakistan public-private partnership. The project is being accomplished through a cooperative grant sole-sourced to, and managed by, IBM Global, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State, and in-kind donations from IBM and Medweb.

Medweb In-Kind Donations: $71,700 (contractual $65,900 + post-contract donations: $5,800). Medweb continues to provide technical support and staff support for weekly conference calls and ongoing technical support. See Summary of Medweb Contributions for additional details.

Antigua (2008/Ongoing)
Donated a CR to the Holberton Hospital Radiology Department, which was later moved to the Mt. St. John Hospital (opened 2009) to support Caribbean healthcare efforts in conjunction with the then Minister of Health. Three trips to the island have taken place through in-kind donation of Medweb staff time and travel – 1) original donation; 2) installation and training support at Holberton Hospital); 3) re-installation and support at Mt. St. John Hospital.

Medweb In-Kind Donations: $25,000 (CR); Custom Fees and Shipping ($800); Flights/Travel: $4,000.00.

Tristan da Cunha (2007/Ongoing)
The world's most remote inhabited island has access to advanced telemedicine, due to pro-bono services and support from a high-technology team led by IBM and Beacon Equity Partners, using Medweb systems and support. Tristan da Cunha is located more than 1,665 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa, and is accessible only by a boat trip lasting a week or more. Some 270 British Citizens call the island home. Medweb’s contributions include servers and software and additional medical input devices including a computed radiography system for digital X-Ray; integration of ECG, digital cameras, spirometry and video conferencing capabilities; configuration and testing, remote installation, training and sustained support services on an ongoing basis, including primary technical and help desk services. Currently Medweb is assisting in replacing an Orex machine following a massive power surge in early 2009.

In-Kind Donation of equipment: $85,000

Peru (2007)
Medweb provided radiology reading and transmission via BGAN satellite terminals from the USNS Comfort during a Navy/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Joint Surgical Dental Clinic in Trujillo, Peru in 2007.

$28,000 (donated Medweb server), travel to Peru from San Francisco, CA - $2,000.00.

Disaster Relief – San Diego Wildfires (2007)
During the San Diego Wildfires, Medweb provided two vehicles with satellite communications capabilities to support local response efforts, as well as released the Corporate Philanthropy Officer (CPO) to respond full-time under the American Red Cross for five weeks. One satellite communications vehicle (satellite service provided by Medweb) was used over a four month period in a remote part of San Diego County (Dulzura), when power and communications restoration efforts were delayed in the heavily impacted and impoverished area.

$1,300 (satellite service), gas/hotel (for two drivers) for van and truck transport San Francisco to San Diego, CA): $700. Staff and Labor time x2 drivers; + CPO time for 5 weeks.

Disaster Relief – Hurricane Katrina (2005)
Medweb provided support at the Touro Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. During Hurricane Katrina, Medweb provided its Mobile Medical Communications & Triage Vehicle™ and Telemedicine Workflow Server™ in the field at Touro Hospital, New Orleans and on board the U.S. Naval Hospital Ship Comfort in the regions devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Medweb’s Mobile Medical Communications and Triage Vehicle™ (MMCTV) uses a highspeed, selfpointing satellite transceiver to provide Internet access, video conferencing, VOIP phone connection, a 24-line phone system and wireless LAN capabilities for the Instant Internet Field Clinic™ (IIFC).

Financial: Estimated Value
$15,000 for mileage (Roundtrip San Francisco, CA to New Orleans, LA) + satellite service, and use of Medweb equipment.

Haiti and U of Miami Medishare tent hospital
Two servers installed and running at this hospital. donated two PACS servers to the University of Miami/Project Medishare 240-bed hospital on the tarmac at Port-au-Prince airport. The equipment will enable clinicians in Haiti to transmit a patient’s radiological images to the University of Miami Hospital for remote reading and expert consultation. Medweb’s PACS will provide imaging infrastructure for the 240-bed hospital, a four-tent compound with four operating rooms, dialysis and X-ray machines, telemedicine capabilities and sleeping accommodations. It opened 10 days after the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake January 12 destroyed much of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation and left its capital city, Port-au-Prince, without a functioning medical center

Clinicians treating the citizens of Concepcion, Honduras and surrounding rural area will now have access to specialists in the United States, thanks to Medweb’s recent PACS donation to Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an integrated healthcare system in Honduras. A second equipment donation, a Medweb PACS server, was recently installed at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, which also houses the central server for Honduras.

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