Medweb e-Visit is a new platform for telemedicine and multimedia collaboration that seamlessly interconnects patients, providers, and staff from the devices they already have, wherever and whenever they need to interact. e-Visit enables inter-platform collaboration, working on multiple computing platforms — desktop or notebook computers (Windows or Mac OS), and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android). e-Visit supports multiple modes of collaboration, including audio, SMS, secure chat, encrypted videoconferencing, and secure file transfer.

Example Applications

· International health & medical tourism

· High-volume, on-demand telemedicine operations

· Hospital call center or customer service

· Children’s healthcare programs in schools or daycare centers

· Disaster response

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Key Benefits

Inter-platform communications.
eVisit works on most modern computing devices, including mobile (iOS or Android) or personal computer platforms (Windows or Mac OS) and Inter-platform communications.

Multimode collaboration.
You can use the appropriate mode of communication to suit your needs — audio, SMS, secure chat, encrypted videoconferencing, secure file transfer and Multimode collaboration.

Virtual waiting room.
Incoming requests are queued up in e-Visit’s virtual waiting room, where you can quickly see how long they have been waiting and prioritize your response.

Drag-and drop-assignment of customers to expert resources.
A triage nurse, call center operator, or other customer service representative can easily transfer the customer to the most appropriate and available specialist or other expert.

Customizable for specific enterprise needs & user roles.
Although many healthcare organizations have similar needs, every organization is different. e-Visit can be modified to display interfaces to your in-house and commercial information systems. Views and access rights are customizable to meet roles of different classes of user.

Integration with health information systems.
Medweb’s decades of experience in standards-based health information system data interchange (HL7 and DICOM), enables you to leverage your organization’s substantial investment in RIS-PACS and Electronic Health Record systems.

Your needs change with time. Both our technical solution and our pricing plans scale with you as you grow.

Offsite or on-premises hosting.
We understand that different organizations have different enterprise IT policies. You can choose to host e-Visit on your premises in your own data center, or you can choose to use Medweb’s secure cloud services. Either way, you get the same platform that suits your organization’s needs.

Seamless integration with Medweb’s line of digital healthcare products.
Naturally, e-Visit is designed to interoperate with our products, including Medweb teleradiology, SmartConsult store-and-forward telemedicine, mobile health applications, Collage real-time telemedicine, as well as our telemedicine devices.