Taking Physicians’ Practice Mobile

Medweb MedConsult allows physicians to take their practice mobile; using iPads or iPhones to securely submit consults directly to the Medweb server. Referring providers can consult with specialists from any iOS device on the go. Intuitive telemedicine templates guide you through the entire consult.

Case information can be conveniently dictated or typed in, and patient images are captured directly from the referring provider’s iOS device. MedConsult safely and directly submits cases to the Medweb server, where they can be reviewed by the consulting physician. MedConsult also allows referring providers to easily access and view submitted cases and corresponding consultation reports.

The current specialties available are dermatology and general telemedicine.

• Mobile creation and submission of cases to your Medweb server
• View cases based on status
• Easy capture of images and other medical data
• View reports from consulting physicians
• Requires iPhone 4 or newer, any iPad, iOS 6+
• Built-in tutorial guides new users in learning how to use the application
• The Case List displays all cases that the user is allowed to see based on permissions configured on the server

click here to download the MedConsult brochure