Medweb’s Suite of Mobile (m)-Health Applications
m-Health technologies are being used globally to greatly mitigate - or entirely leapfrog- obstacles that impede access to advanced medical specialists, diagnoses and treatment in rural areas. Medweb’s m-Health applications are used to accelerate and enhance the medical education of healthcare professionals, and to expand health knowledge and education among rural populations.

The Medweb suite of hardware and software tools takes full advantage of mobile ICTs already widely available to local populations in rural areas. Medweb telemedicine solutions optimize local technologies through distributed service provisioning, making the best use of available Internet and cellular bandwidth to link mobile devices back to hospital-based servers; each of which is preprogrammed with a dozen or more specialty medical workflows.

These solutions provide real-time linkages for ‘Smart Consult’ packages that transmit vital medical information and images between rural villages, basic medical centers, district clinics and provincial hospitals using existing 2G and 3G networks.
Each Medweb server provides:

  • Basic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
  • Telemedicine and Teleradiology PACS
  • Local web video reference library
  • Real-time epidemiological monitoring
  • Cloud connection
  • Integrated web-based, low-bandwidth videoconferencing tools and streaming devices
  • Global standards-based communications and interfacing capabilities using DICOM, HL7 and IHE
  • Links to a suite of m-Health apps, including Midwives Connect and IVR4BABY

Medweb MedConsult allows physicians to take their practice mobile; using iPads or iPhones to securely submit consults directly to the Medweb server. Referring providers can consult with specialists from any iOS device on the go. Intuitive telemedicine templates guide you through the entire consult.

Case information can be conveniently dictated or typed in, and patient images are captured directly from the referring provider’s iOS device. MedConsult safely and directly submits cases to the Medweb server, where they can be reviewed by the consulting physician. MedConsult also allows referring providers to easily access and view submitted cases and corresponding consultation reports.

The current specialties available are dermatology and general telemedicine.
click here to download the MedConsult brochure

Midwives Connect
Midwives Connect is an m-Health application that utilizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to empower rural maternal caregivers that are usually overworked, poorly trained and equipped.

Read our brochure on how Midwives Connect, provides maternal caregivers with vital assistance in isolated rural areas around the world.

A simple lack of knowledge and health education of women and their families in rural areas and developing countries is a key roadblock to improved maternal and infant care. With IVR4BABY, vital information for maternal and infant survival in isolated communities around the world can be delivered via mobile health technology.

Read Medweb’s IVR4BABY brochure to learn more on how IVR4Baby uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to provide impoverished rural pregnant women with what they need most - knowledge.