SmartConsult Telestroke
Medweb Telestroke is a web-based solution for rapid, remote stroke evaluation. It allows neurologists to provide expertise in the diagnosis of acute stroke to remotely located facilities such as small community hospitals; using SMART WORKFLOWS. It provides a comprehensive, computer-based, patient-assessment protocol and a simple interface for uploading images captured with a digital camera or other peripheral device into an electronic consultation to a consultation request. The product features customized templates, powerful reporting tools and a fully-featured Radiology Viewer. Medweb Telestroke works alongside video conferencing for diagnosis.
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RIS/PACS - Information to diagnose and treat at your fingertips
Medweb’s single database RIS/PACS solution with diagnostic tools, reporting, storage, and direct HL7 messaging engine provides a complete and simple to use turnkey solution with: RIS/PACS single server/database solution, Integrated 3D/4D Web-based viewer, Multi-modality viewer including digital mammography and echo cardiograms, Advanced security and image routing and Patented medical image distribution with integrated tools in a Web browser. The Medweb RIS makes it possible for you to complete patient registration, order and scheduling in record time.
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VirtualPACS Gateway
Medweb’s VirtualPACS Gateway enables hospitals, clinics and imaging centers to automate DICOM studies and implement a paperless teleradiology workflow. Utilizing a client–side, downloadable Web interface, Medweb VirtualPACS improves efficacy ensures EHR/EMR compliance–an essential building block in “one-record” patient care. The VirtualPACS Gateway uploads to Medweb’s cloud solution and offers a flexible turnkey solution, enabling complete workflow for a unified enterprise. Unparalleled network security aligns with DICOM and HL7 protocols to provide remote user devices with the same features and functionalities as an on-premise platform.
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Medweb Hand-held Telemedicine Kit (HTK)
The HTK is a small bag about the size and weight of a large laptop computer featuring different peripherals; offering portability. It makes use of the latest advances in optics, LED light sources, digital displays, wireless data transfer, and high-resolution imaging. Every device in the kit has at least two-megapixel imaging capability.

The HTK includes the following: Vascular Ultrasound; Vitals Direct Kit (Temperature, Pulse, Oxygenation, Blood Pressure, Glucose, EKG); Slate Computer; Solar Panel with Lithium Ion Battery; a digital scope with handle, the latest detachable lens collection that allows users to easily switch between four different devices including the Opthalmascope, Otoscope, Episcope and General Exam Camera.

The HTK works with Medweb’s m-Health applications on both Apple and Android devices, and Smart Consult Encounter Management software running on a Windows Slate computer. The kit is designed to upload image data to EMR, PACS or Medweb Cloud Services via 3G or 4G cellphone or Wi-Fi where available. The additional Lithium batter pack and solar panel provide up to 7 days of regular usage without a separate power source.
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