Pandemic Toolset and Online Training

The Medweb Pandemic Toolset offers two programs to Schools and Health Organizations, providing valuable education tools and dynamic communication resources.

Schools’ Toolset
The Toolset provides accurate pre-populated messages and information, as well as frequently asked questions, for fifteen of the top infectious diseases in schools.

Key attributes:

  • Fully customizable Preparedness and Response Letters for parents/caregivers, students, staff and administrators
  • Sample emergency preparedness plans and checklists
  • Special Populations resources including checklists, planning guides and “Community and School Skill Routines”
  • Public health emergency reporting protocols
  • Resources available in multiple languages and formats such as posters, presentations and flyers

Online Training Program
The Online Preparedness Training Program for Schools and Communities encourages learning about disease prevention and preparedness. Award winning videos and online courses present factual information in an entertaining manner to encourage learning on a variety of public health topics and issues affecting schools and our greater community.

Key attributes:

  • Online training courses enable self-paced learning and study
  • Animated videos of all courses available for download, for playing in homes, classrooms, waiting rooms
  • Encourages healthy habits and dispels myths and misinformation about common diseases in schools, including the flu

Download Onesheet on the Medweb Pandemic Toolset