Medweb Partner Advantage

Medweb is committed to growing partnerships with stakeholders in various disciplines, to enable the provision of complex end-to-end solutions for customers. Partner Advantage is an innovative program designed to help our Partners foster long-term deep customer relationships and respond with efficacy to industry trends. It enables cost effective scaling in a recurring-revenue model, and enables Partners to deliver next-generation offerings in Distributed RIS/PACS and Telemedicine, as well as mHealth and Medical Device applications, without capital investment in infrastructure. Partnership is the ideal tool for growing sales network architecture expertise, allowing Partners to invest only in their core offerings while successfully selling mutual opportunities.

SLA and Customer Support options are negotiable, and Statement of Work (SOW)-based workflows are employed for best efficacy. Medweb’s web-based Partner Portal provides real-time delivery of Product Literature, Administrative Guides, Training Links and Partner-specific SKU’s and Pricing.
Medweb Certification Training compiles and disseminates important tips, best practices, and strategies to capture audiences in store-and-forward image technologies.
Medweb currently offers four Partnerships in the Partner Advantage ecosystem:

Solution Partners
Carefully chosen Vendors whose system integration and sales to Medweb will enhance the customer’s ability to purchase myriad solutions from one contract. Examples include Device Manufacturers, Handheld Peripherals, Mobile Hardware and On-Premise Hardware such as CR and DR. Current Solution Partner provision of SaaS-based offerings such as EHR/EMR is also desirable.

Authorized Resellers
Companies offering Medweb solutions, integrated or stand-alone, to their customer base. Pricing to Reseller is MSRP-based, with Resellers receiving a point discount based on revenue and training commitment. Resellers then “mark-up” their received pricing to their customer base. Joint Marketing Agreements can be fulfilled so as to best jointly market offerings. Product Literature, Administrative Guides and Training Curriculum are provided. Common Resellers include Hardware Provisioners and System Integrators seeking a web-based solution in image management.

Sales Agency
In this partnership scenario, Sales Agents provide “leads” to Medweb in return for a recurring-revenue- based commission. Medweb retains ownership of said customer for the duration of customer Contract Term. Sales Agency is an ideal model for companies seeking a web-based solution for customers, but do not wish to commit to Resale of offerings.

Joint Ventures
As the IHE marketplace has enabled cooperative integration in all facets of Healthcare, Medweb welcomes opportunities in OEM, joint trademarking, and the ability to jointly create a new offering to spec. Topics of interest include FDA-cleared devices, niche cloud-based applications, and mHealth.