Silver Support Plan

The Silver Plan includes all of the features of the Bronze Plan, and also extends the availability of Medweb’s support specialists. Telephone and Internet support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, critical issues receive priority routing 24 hours a day with a targeted response time of less than 4 hours. Finally, the Silver Support Plan includes remote diagnostics and monitoring with your approval. It also includes engineering assistance with server configuration. It includes 24 hours per year of remote engineering assistance with routine installation, network changes, or moves of a new Medweb server, or adding additional DICOM devices to it over a network. This support specifically excludes server reconfiguration due to changes in Your network architecture, user access control lists, or DICOM modality or PACS configuration or replacement. It also specifically excludes HL7 interface changes or reconfiguration, internal firewall or VPN reconfiguration of the Medweb server.

New server configuration must be scheduled 1 week in advance to occur during regular business hours Monday to Friday 9AM to 5 PM PST, or Monday to Friday 4PM to 9 PM GMT. Routine moves and changes should be requested during the above normal business hours.