Expands to new specialties as needed
Medweb’s Web-Based Telemedicine solution provides integrated medical imaging, information management, and security system with user-friendly interfaces customized specifically for a variety of diagnoses. This Web-based Telemedicine solution for expanding medical enterprises:

  • Increases the quality of care with immediate access to specialists
  • Speeds up diagnosis and treatment with instant access to data and images
  • Customizable templates allow you to collect patient information directly relevant to clinical specialty
  • Is versatile for use with all clinical specialties using a standard easy-to-follow user interface
  • Provides physician workload balancing and reporting tools
  • Consultations are sent via a secure Internet connection to consulting specialists for online diagnosis

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This Web-based technology provides instant communication between doctors, specialists, and patients in remote locations, at neighborhood clinics in urban areas, or within incarcerated populations. It provides a comprehensive, computer-based, patient-assessment protocol and a simple interface for uploading images captured with a digital camera or other peripheral device, such as a USB ultrasound or EKG, into an electronic consultation request.


Dermatology specialist screening, diagnosis, and treatment
Collects dermatology-specific patient information:

  • Patient demographics
  • History of complaint, including aggravating/relieving factors
  • Prior tests and treatments
  • Past medical history, including relevant family history and recent exposures
  • Provisional diagnosis and questions from referring provider
  • Images and their location

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  • Hybrid telemedicine solution that leverages video conferencing
  • Technologies to speed testing, diagnosis, and treatment for stroke victims

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    Retinal screening, data gathering, and diagnostic proficiencies
    Collect ophthalmology-specific patient information:

    • Patient demographics
    • Visual acuity
    • Date of last refraction, date and time of last dilated eye examination with eye care provider
    • History of diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, hyperlipidemia, anemia

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  • Medweb’s fully integrated teleradiology solution includes a full Web-based PACS and 3D viewer, enabling physicians and radiology technicians to manipulate and reconstruct exams on the fly.

    SmartConsult Teledental / Remote Dentistry Image Capture

    Medweb’s Teledental solution enables practitioners to grow practices in a cost-effective manner and increases access to oral healthcare among patients in in remote locations, neighborhood clinics in urban areas or within incarcerated populations; using SMART WORKFLOWS. It provides a comprehensive, computer-based, patient-assessment protocol and a simple interface for uploading images captured with a digital camera or other peripheral device into an electronic consultation to a consultation request. Medweb’s teledermatology solution includes a dental specialist screening, diagnosis and treatment and with this product you collect dental-specific patient information.
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