virtualPACS Gateway

Downloadable software gateway routes exams onsite or in the Cloud

A Web-based hosted platform enabling hospitals, clinics and imaging centers to automate DICOM studies and implement a paperless teleradiology workflow. Utilizing a client–side, downloadable Web interface, Medweb virtualPACS improves efficacy at no licensure cost and ensures EHR/EMR compliance, an essential building block in “one-record” patient care.

  • Connects to cloud storage allowing for cost efficient centralized storage and image sharing
  • Frees enterprises from capital expenditures and satisfies client-side requirements on remote user devices
  • This hosted offering is a flexible turnkey solution, enabling complete workflow for a unified enterprise
  • Enables users to bypass VPN authentication and integrate with existing network services and identities
  • Network security aligns with DICOM and HL7 protocols to provide remote user devices with the same features and functionalities as an on-premise platform

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download VirtualPACS brochure for Radiologists

For hospitals, clinics and imaging centers that have various forms of digital imaging devices but interact with facilities that have no PACS, Medweb virtualPACS links these facilities to the enterprise while also providing an off-site archive solution. A short-term archive of all reports and images is stored on the Medweb virtualPACS so that copies of any study, report, or billing information can be retrieved from local servers.

  • Automates the retrieval of DICOM studies, their demographics, and billing information
  • Serves as a local PACS for the customer site that caches studies and reports to local storage in addition to providing options for remote archive, Web access, and patient portals
  • Scanned documents automatically become part of the DICOM study and virtualPACS forwards the compressed documents and images together in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Remaps header and AE title information; and inserts institution name, referring physician name, and phone number
  • Integration with a wide array of third-party systems is easily achieved