Why Medweb?

Radiology Solutions in PACS and RIS
Medweb offers flexible and powerful turnkey workflow solutions to the medical imaging community. A focus on workflow and diagnostic tools has been the driving force behind Medweb’s dynamic suite of integrated clinical imaging software. Ideal for radiologists, referring physicians, medical IT professionals and radiology technologists alike.

Medweb provides all the tools for complete enterprise workflow. Integrated advanced security and image routing functions give Medweb a robust delivery vehicle that meets the challenges of complex global enterprise networks. With over 1000 global installations inclusive of 250 Military sites, Medweb’s applications are battle-tested and commercially advanced.

Since 1989, Medweb has provided reliable, secure, competitive Teleradiology and Web-based PACS solutions. Medweb introduced and owns the patent for medical image distribution with integrated tools in a Web browser. Medweb’s new RIS/PACS modules offer enhanced scheduling and patient registration and ensure payment for services. Exam and patient tracking features reduce the typical waiting room bottlenecks and improve workflow. Our seamlessly integrated, single database RIS/PACS with diagnostic tools, reporting and HIPAA-compliant storage/archiving modules, as well as a direct HL7 messaging engine provides your enterprise with a complete turnkey solution. Medweb has a host of Web-based orthopedic tools including optional orthopedic templating and reports, and a full library of implants easily accessible via the Web. Reports and images are distributed easily via e-mail or print. Orthopedic-specific features include Cobb angles, 3D volume, Hounsfield units and freeform annotation.

Medweb Hosted Telemedicine Solution
The Medweb Telemedicine Solution provides comprehensive Web-based consult creation and management tools. Providers enter clinical data and upload images from a digital camera into a Web-based electronic consult request. Consulting specialists review and respond online. Also included are tools for report creation, online collaboration, and program statistics collection and viewing. Training and implementation is comprehensive, including but not limited to installation, ongoing Support, clinical training and assistance with network security.

Telemedicine Specialties include Dermatology, Ophthalmology, General Telemedicine, Stroke Evaluation, Dental and Wound Care. Telemedicine includes the standard Medweb Radiology Viewer, installation and configuration of local DICOM modalities, plus the availability of additional locations and user license accommodations.

Growing the Healthcare Enterprise
Medweb’s web-based virtualPACS enables a server accessible from anywhere, either from your office or from the hospital, clinic, or emergency room. Rather than spend thousands for a dedicated Web server, the Medweb virtualPACS solution provides you with a free short-term DICOM archive in your office, so that a copy of your studies is stored locally as well as writing multiple redundant copies to offsite archives.
The offsite archive also provides a dedicated DICOM Web server for your practice. By hosting the service offsite, you capitalize on the shared resources of "cloud computing" where we can provide extremely reliable (99.99% uptime) service, gigabit Internet access to your server, as well as much lower costs since you are able to share the cost of expensive digital archives and processing power with other customers, while benefiting from guaranteed performance. Via Medweb leasing partners, any Healthcare imaging enterprise can be grown in a cost-efficient manner with DR and CR provisioning- The perfect solution for office-based imaging, mimicking the film-based workflow with modalities that eliminate the cost of film, chemicals and storage space. Via Medweb virtualPACS, imaging operations are streamlined. Profitability is increased as overhead is reduced due to less time spent on non-revenue generating activities. ROI is quickly achieved by switching from film to digital and patient throughput is increased via the elimination of X-ray bottlenecks. Medweb PACS/EHR module integrates with your existing EHR platform, enabling text and images to be fully unified.

Mobile Collaboration in Healthcare
Medweb offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to healthcare benefits and solutions utilizing mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers and slates. Commonly referred to as mHealth, this term references healthcare provision via the use of mobile communication devices for health services and information. The mHealth approach also entails the use of information and communication technology (ICT), such as computers, mobile phones, satellite, patient monitors for health services and information applications as well as for collecting community and clinical health data delivery of healthcare information to practitioners, researchers, and patients.

Medweb’s goal over time is to build a strong integrated rural Telemedicine delivery system involving mission-critical hospitals throughout Afghanistan. Our personnel travel extensively around the world promoting telemedicine as a mechanism to extend expert medical care to rural and underserved areas around the world. In this way we implement Telemedicine sites to provide medical specialty consultation services and deliver health care educational opportunities to underserved Afghan populations with peak efficacy and maximization of existing facilities. The premise is to build on existing initiatives to facilitate services, while minimizing duplication of services. Medweb works with hospitals and localized programs that aim to accelerate diagnosis and treatment cycles for civilians under various geographically-affected or poverty-stricken areas.

Working in concert with local hospitals and understanding their needs enables Medweb to offer various entry points into a network, and that is a critical aspect-- the ability to have redundancy so that hospitals can continue communications and maintain connectivity. The networks can employ an overlay of videoconferencing systems and telediagnostic instruments such as digital stethoscopes, otoscopes, and patient examination cameras to deliver clinical care and professional education among healthcare providers and patients.

The building of networks brings videoconferencing into hospitals and onto PCs when most current deployments require patients to go to an existing location set up with Telepresence. If the solution is free or low-cost and easy to use it has a tangible impact on access to health care. Mobile applications exist throughout Afghanistan, and as Internet connectivity has improved in quality we have the opportunity to disrupt the more expensive legacy network models and implement a more cost efficient and ubiquitous model.

Midwife Care
In third-word countries as well as remote areas in the US, midwives are the key to successful pre-and post-natal outcomes. Medweb has developed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications designed to empower both midwives and patients, so as to best track gestational milestones with the commonly-used platform of a simple cellular phone.